For trade - trusty Yamaha YT6800 lawn tractor

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For trade - trusty Yamaha YT6800 lawn tractor

This machine has cut a lot of grass in its life, and it just keeps on running. Everything works as it should, but some of the trim pieces are rather worn or broken. Extra set of blades included.

I am looking to make a trade - I am interested in acquiring things like the following:

1) Attachments for my JD425; 60 inch mower deck, JD tiller model 450, Snow thrower, Plow blade, Powerflow unit for the MC519 trailer

2) Brick pavers for my driveway - lots of them!

3) Hardwood flooring - lots of it!

4) Things relating to solar energy - Photo-voltaic cells, collectors, others…

5) Things relating to wind energy - Unwanted residential wind turbines…

6) Portable generator, you know, for those cloudy windless days ;-)

7) Greenhouse, or greenhouse-related equipment/supplies

8) Gardening-related supplies/equipment

9) Other things you might want to part with, that will keep me busy with interesting projects

So, if you have given up on some project and would like to trade the remnants for a nice working lawn tractor, just drop me a line.

I am located in zip code 15613

You can come get the tractor, or we can arrange to meet somewhere - heck I might even deliver it to you if you have something I really want!

If all else fails, I would sell this machine for cash - but only after considering all other alternatives.