YT57/67/6800 airbox base needed

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YT57/67/6800 airbox base needed

B Sager
Went to "borrow" the airbox clips from my 5700 to finish my YS240 "Ricky" resto and snapped one of the tabs on my airbox base. Hoping there is a good replacement somewhere as, naturally, it is no longer available from Yamaha. Lesson for myself that there are some things I should NOT do first thing in the morning, in the dark, and before coffee!

Does anyone have a spare airbox base for any of the twin cyl mowers that has the clip mounts intact that they'd part with?

Another unrelated question...

What are the differences between bagger systems between the mowers? I have a bagger for a 3600 that I wanted to mount on my 5700 but at least the chute adaptor is different. Not sure if it's just the lowest tube that I'd need or more than that...